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When Dr. James Naismith nailed a peach basket to a wall in the gym of the YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts he was just trying to keep the boys in his care busy with a game. He could not have known that he had just created a game that would become a multi-billion dollar industry and something of a national obsession. But that's just what he did, and while basketball is not exactly the same as it was back then, it hasn't changed all that much. Basketball is played five to a side, and the object of the game is to put the ball into your opponent's basket, which is suspended ten feet above the floor, which is 94 feet long and approximately 35 feet wide. A basket is worth 2 points, unless it is scored from beyond a line about 20 feet from the basket, in which case is it worth 3 points. If the defense hits the player shooting the ball, or commits any type of foul against him, he is awarded one, two or three free shots from a line 15 feet away from the basket. These free throws are worth one point each. Players may move in any manner without the ball, but when a player has possession of the ball he may take no more than two steps without bouncing the ball off the floor, or, dribbling, with one hand. If he takes more than two steps without dribbling or dribbles with both hands at once, the ball is awarded to the opposition. Also, if a player steps out of bounds while in possession of the ball it is given to the other team.