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The game of golf is a difficult game to play, but a not so difficult to learn. It is important to have the correct equipment to play this game. There are a few key rules and a whole lot of strategy to master the game of golf. Golf can be played alone, with a friend, or a group. It is a nice stress reliever to go out and play an eighteen-hole course on a Saturday afternoon.

There are a few golf terms that may help you when you are playing your next game of golf. To “Address” is to take a stance to hit the ball and to rest the club head on the ground just behind the ball. A “birdie” is when a golfer scores one stroke under par on a hole. A “divot” is a piece of turf knocked out of the ground when the club hits the ground below the ground. An “eagle” is when a golfer scores two under par on a particular hole. A handicap is an allowance of a certain number of strokes when competing against a skilled player.

The basic golf clubs that you should be carrying in your bag are: Number 1-4 woods, number 1-9 irons, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and a putter. It is not too necessary to have all four woods. You can get by with just 2 of them.

The object of golf is to score the lowest amount of points. The way you earn points is by taking strokes. Each stroke is a hit of a golf ball. If you take three swings to get the ball in the hole, then you are said to have it a three. If you hit the ball in the hole on the first shot than it is called a “hole in one.” That is very uncommon, but if it ever happens it is cause for a joyous celebration.

When starting off the game you are allowed to use a tee. This is the only time you may use a tee to hit the ball. This is why the first shot is called “teeing off.” The first shot may be taken with any one of the clubs in your golf bag. A tee is not required for your first shot. It is recommended though to make your first shot a little easier.

There are few causes for penalties in the game of golf. If you hit the ball in the water than that is a penalty stroke. You must tack on an extra stroke to your score for that particular hole. If you hit the ball and lose it that is a penalty stroke too. If you accidentally swing and completely miss the ball this is not a cause for a penalty. All you have to do is swing again and hope you make contact.

Most courses are eighteen hole golf courses, which is considered a full game. Some courses are just nine holes, which is not really an official course by the rules.

That is the exciting game of golf. It is suggested you go to a driving range to practice your game before you decide to play on an eighteen-hole golf course.