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A lacrosse player, a lacrosse stick, a ball and a wall can turn an average lacrosse player into an elite player. The wall acts as a tool to make one's stick skills excel. The wall provides another person who can catch almost all passes and complete almost any drill with ease.
Some great walls can be found at racquetball courts, tennis courts, parks and the backs of houses. Look for a wall that does not have any windows or anything nearby that could break.
The first drill that one can do with a wall is the switch hand drill. Throw the ball against the wall and catch the ball with the opposite hand. Do this for about 5 minutes, continually switching hands.
The next drill one can do is the roll dodge drill. Throw the ball worth your strong hand and do a fast roll dodge- as well as fully changing hands. If you wish to become good with both hands do this drill from both sides or do this drill exclusively from your weak hand to your strong hand.
The next drill that the wall is great for is the quick stick drill. Throw the ball against the wall ten times with your strong hand. The trick to this drill is that you do not cradle-just in the stick and out of the stick. This drill is especially important for that attackman who has a split second to shoot and score. Definitely do this drill with both hands.
Another drill one can do is the ground ball drill where one throws a low pass to the wall and does a quick scoop. Do this with both hands and one will see the difference in his game time ground balls. Practicing this drill with both hands will improve your confidence in the weak hand.
The shooting drill involves picking a point on the wall- a mark or a line and firing the ball at it. This drill will improve accuracy, but beware. The ball will bounce back so make sure to so this drill far enough from the wall so you don’t get hurt after the shot.
The last drill involves running along the length of the wall and throwing the ball as you run. The wall will act as a running player. This drill will only work with a moderately long wall as one cannot run along a wall below 20 feet long.