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Basketball is a sport that children of all ages are capable of playing. There are many drills one can do to become a better basketball player. An athlete’s mobility, jump shot, and ball handling are very important in becoming a great player.

In order to improve your shooting, you should go out to a local court with a partner. The first shooting drill is pick five spots on the court where you feel your are the weakest and time yourself at each spot for thirty seconds. Take as many shots from that spot until the time is up. Then move to the next spot on the court. When you partner is feeding you the passes, make sure they are strong passes like you would see in a game situation. A good free throw drill is to stand at the free throw line and take your first shot. You get a point for a made free throw, and negative two points for a miss. Try to get your score up to a total of ten and try not to get down to negative ten.

A great drill to improve your defense is to take a partner out to the nearest basketball court or nearest flat ground. Tell him/her to dribble the ball in a zigzag motion. Get down in a defensive position and try to stay low with your hands up. Pretend you are trying to play defense and stay with him/her by sidestepping and shuffling your feet.

In order to improve your mobility, try to sidestep around the length of the court and then turn around and do it the other way. Then try to sidestep while dribbling the ball. This will improve your ball handling as well as your mobility. Another drill to improve your mobility is to pick 7 lines on the court. Do at least three sprints every time you walk on the court. These are called “horses” or “line sprints.” You should run to the closest line, touch it, and then run back. Then run to the next line and come back. Do this until you have touched each individual line.

Here is a great drill for a point guard, or anyone who would like to be a better passer. Take a basketball and stand in front of a solid wall. Make a circle on the wall with a piece of chalk. Try to pass the ball into this circle at least twenty times in a row. Do at least 3 sets and you will surely see an improvement in your passing.

Another good drill for a shooter is to pick a spot on the court and have a partner pass you the ball when you run to that spot. This will drastically improve your shooting on the run. Do this for a minute straight and then take turns with your partner.

If you really want to improve your ball handling, do not ever walk around without a basketball in your hands. Some great players have been known to sleep with the ball throughout the night.

As you become a better player, you will enjoy the game much more. Good luck!