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Gymnastic programs will offer your child an experience of fun and exciting activities. Gymnastics is about the things you learn along the way. Children can have fun while building their strength, endurance, coordination, confidence, and self esteem! Introduced at early age, skills acquired in Gymnastics can later help kids master other athletic activities, such as athletics, swimming, tennis and many more. Its about rebounding from failure, about getting up off the mat and trying again, about repeating things that you are scared to death to do over and over again until they become second nature, about believing in yourself and trusting yourself.

National Gymnastics Day is celebrated in July. This day proclaimed 10 perfect reasons to celebrate:
1. Gymnastics develops coordination
2. Gymnastics develops flexibility
3. Gymnastics develops strength and power
4. Gymnastics teaches young people to learn to listen and follow directions
5. Gymnastics increases self-esteem and confidence
6. Gymnastics fosters social interaction with peers
7. Gymnastics teaches goal-setting
8. Gymnastics provides the foundation for fitness and the fundamentals of movement
9. Gymnastics develops skills to enhance other sports
10. Gymnastics is Fun!

Gymnastics has existed for over 2,000 years, but it became a competitive sport just a little more than 100 years ago. During the 1800s, exhibitions were conducted by clubs and ethnic organizations such as the Turnvereins and Sokols. It was introduced to the United States and its school systems in the 1830s by immigrants Charles Beck, Charles Follen and Francis Lieber.

In Women's gymnastics the following Apparatus are used: vault, uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise.
Men’s gymnastics include the pommel horse, still rings, horizontal bar, floor exercise, vault and the parallel bars.

If you have a child who shows interest in the sport, find a qualified instructor and watch your child blossom as they acquire new and healthy gymnastic skills.