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Putting can make or brake your golf game. Learning steps to improve your putting on a consistent basis can dramatically decrease your golf scores. There are three reasons why your putting might not be as consistent as you would like it. The first reason involves your eyes. When lining up for your put you need to place your eyes directly over the ball. This allows for your eyes to be directly over the line that you want the ball to travel towards the hole. By doing this, you allow yourself to make sure you know exactly the path that you desire the ball to travel along. If you do not line your eyes up over the ball, then you will be guessing when you attempt to putt your ball along a path toward the hole. The second reason is your ball position. It is best if you place the ball a little ahead of your sternum. This will allow for you to see the ball, the target, and your hands all in one frame. The third reason involves your hand placement. When your hands are in the correct position the leading edge of the putter will be parallel to the putting surface. It is easier to tell if the putter is level when it is directly under your eyes if you have a split-line on the top edge and the top of the sole plate. If you have a split line you will know when your hands are in the position to generate pure topspin with the stroke. Hopefully these tips will help you generate consistent putting and lower scores on a regular basis.