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Like any sport, golf requires a particular set of muscles and reactions for success. As a result, there are golf specific exercises that you can do to improve your game. These exercises are much easier and efficient than full body workouts, and you can do them in the comfort of your own home.

1) Strengthening the Off Elbow
The strength in and around the elbow of the off arm has much to do with success in golf. Much of the power in your swing comes from the strength in this area. And if the off elbow is weak you can develop tennis elbow, which will definitely hurt your game. The best solution is to exercise and strengthen the elbow by squeezing a stress or tennis ball for about 20 minutes daily. Do it anywhere, anytime- just make sure you do it.

2) Improve Your Balance
Off balance swings are a sure path toward double and triple bogey golf. So how do you improve your balance? One way is by trying to walk along curbs without stepping onto the sidewalk or the gutter. Another way is by standing on one foot and swinging your elbows back and forth. Other things that can improve balance include dance lessons and ballet. It doesn't really matter how you improve your balance- just that you do it. Besides, standing on one foot for two minutes in front of the TV can't kill you.

3) Improve Your Flexibility
General flexibility is essential to a fluid golf swing. And the best way to improve general flexibility is to stretch, daily. Daily stretching only takes about 15 minutes, and its side effects include reduced stress, lower occurrence of physical injury, and burned calories. Whatever stretching routine you choose, just make sure you try to reach a little further each day until you end up with the flexibility that you desire.

4) Strengthen Your Wrists
Strong wrists are key to a strong swing. And it should be pretty easy to strengthen your wrists beyond their current strength. Two tools with which to do this are soup cans and hammers. Swinging a hammer, or doing wrist curls with soup cans, are easy methods of strengthening the wrists using household items, and in the comfort of your home too.

5) Work Those Abs
Did you know that the best way to avoid back problems (aside from avoiding heavy lifting) is to develop strong abdominal muscles? Back problems plague older golfers. But ten minutes of crunches, sit-ups, or leg lifts every other day can strengthen those abs and reduce the chance of back injury.

Follow this advice and you are bound to see improvement in your golf game and your overall health.