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Finding the right fishing rod for your style of angling is a challenge. Visit a tackle store, ask a friend or check a catalog and you become more confused than ever. The best advice is that there is no ultimate rod for every occasion and remember that the most expensive rod is not necessarily the right rod.

Bass fishing is the ideal way to illustrate the above sentence. They make a flipping rod, a rod for using plastic baits, a rod for casting lures and a heavy duty, sensitive to the touch rod for jigging a small grub in 20 to 30 feet of water. This particular angler needed to feel the grub drag across the bottom even at that depth. The angler needed to sense every time a bass picked up the bait even though rocky structure kept hanging up on an exposed hook.

This translates to sensitivity with a blank through handle to help transmit the slight variations that signalled a hooked fish. Working at that depth meant setting the hook was a challenge. You associate sensitivity with a flimsy rod was. A flimsy rod wouldn’t stand up to this depth because the fish would spit the hook.

What happens to the tip of your rod is what happens to the grub on the hook. With a flimsy rod the tip snaps forward then backward and then forward again before the tip settles. When the rod tip flips forward the second time the lure releases from the fish. In other words for this type of fishing a rod needs to be stiff and sensitive.

Other anglers us crank baits or spinners. With a stiff rod you can actually pull the hooks right out of the fish’s mouth when setting the hook. Here is where a medium
flimsy rod comes into play. They manufacture these rods for casting heavier baits and won’t pull the hook out of the fish’s mouth when setting the hook.

The same holds true for trout, salmon and other species of fish. So when it comes time to purchase your next fishing rod, remember what type of fishing you do most often. Buy the rod suited for your type of fishing. And remember expensive isn’t always better.