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Cedar Point is an amusement park located in Sandusky, Ohio. It boasts more roller coasters than any other theme park. There are dozens of coasters at the park that vary in size and excitement. This year would be a great to visit for the first time or revisit if you have been in the
past. This year they open their newest coaster, Millennium Force. Millennium Force is the tallest and faster roller coaster ever constructed.

The new roller coaster

Millennium Force was built by Intamin AG, out of Switzerland. This company has been known to stack the steel higher than anyone. Their newest creation is more than 300 feet tall, the world's largest, bar none. This ride is a record setter. Its list of merits include: tallest roller coaster, fastest roller coaster, longest drop, first coaster to top 300 feet in height, first elevator lift system, and steepest banked non-inversion turns.

There will be lines around the park for the new coaster this summer, but that's no reason not to visit the park.

Helpful hints to get the most out your visit

The park will tell you that you have to spend two days at the park to take advantage of all it has to offer. That just isn't so. If you create a plan and arrive early, you beat the lines, ride all the coasters, and still have time to catch a show. It's pretty simple.

If you arrive early and park in the Soak City lot, you can go in through the back gate. This allows you to hit the rides that people who came in the front have not gotten to. People tend to pile up lines on the first coaster they see. They want to work their way to back of the park. Therefore, by starting in the back, you beat the lines. Also the gates open an hour early so you get into position before the rides even start running.

The slowest times of the year for the park are May, June, and September. If you go during these months you won't have to deal so many intimidating lines. Labor Day and Memorial Day, which are thought of as busy weekends, are in fact slower than a normal Wednesday in July or August.

Watch the weather report before you go. If it does rain, most of the rides stay open. If it gets severe, check your program guide as soon as possible to determine the times of the shows. It's good to cover all your bases. The park doesn't issue rainchecks, so make sure you find ways to enjoy the day as best you can. The rides will reopen when it is safe. It usually isn't a problem.

Two classic coasters that are an absolute must are the Corkscrew and Blue Streak. Blue Streak usually has a quick, short line. The newer coasters tend to grab the most riders. Rides like The Raptor or Mantis, and this year Millennium Force, will be taking some of the lines away
from the older coasters, which are just as exciting as any of the new ones.

Another helpful hint is to avoid eating at noon and five. This is the time that most people eat, so you can catch up on any rides you may have skipped earlier at these times.


There is something for everyone as far as shows go. They offer songs, stories and surprises for younger children, as well as retro rock and roll and honky tonk country. Not to mention a high energy All-American revue. The dancers are great, and the singers are wonderful. You should really catch a show if at all possible. If you are an adult, you could check of Lusty Lil's for a show and a few beers. You can find a show schedule in the Town Hall Museum, Aquatic Stadium, Camp Snoopy and Guest Services.

Park rules, guidelines and accommodations

First of all, the park does not allow any alcoholic beverages to be brought into the park, nor does it allow any alcoholic beverages to be taken out. This is in accordance with Ohio state law. The park also does not allow any clothing that depicts or expresses any idea or image that is considered obscene. In addition, bathing suits should cover a reasonable amount of flesh.

There are hotels available on the park's property. If you are coming from out of town, it is recommended to stay at one of the park's resorts or camping facilities to avoid the further hassle of parking. The hotel and campground are located right on the peninsula. You can buy packages of tickets and lodgings through the park's website. The web site offers great deals, and you may even be able to find discounts on gate prices and possibily for Cedar Point dollars, which can be used toward anything in the park. It is advised to make early reservations as these packages are in high demand.

What the park offers

Cedar Park can boast that it offers more roller coasters than any other park on the planet. It has the most all around rides, 68, ranging from the Woodstock Express to the new Millennium Force. The park has 12 steel coasters, (another record), and more than 4,000 square feet of coaster track.

Some highlight rides are Mantis, Disaster Transport, the Raptor, Corkscrew, Mean Streak, Blue Streak, and the most anticipated ride in the history of roller coasters, Millennium Force. If you can get on every ride in the park, you will walk away with the greatest single-day
coaster experience any park has ever offered.

There is also the Bearenstien Bear Country for the children, as well as Camp Snoopy. Not to mention the plethora of eating choices. There are more places to eat at Cedar Point then in the entire city of Sandusky. There is definitely something for everyone.