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The hardest challenge for a new or experienced lacrosse player is picking the parts of a new lacrosse stick. Each position requires a different stick. This article will discuss the best combination of head and shaft for every position.
An attack man scores the goals for a team and needs a stick that is light and can provide a powerful shot. The lightest sticks on the market would be the Viper and Proton, both from STX. The only major difference between the two sticks is that the Proton is offset while the Viper is straight. Either head will make the stick light and give the attack man a small advantage. His shaft should be an alloy or titanium shaft depending on his budget. A titanium shaft will provide even more lightweight capability to combine with the two light heads. STX' s titanium shaft is the norm, however both Warrior and Brine have new titanium shafts with excellent capabilities.
A defenseman needs a head that is hard and sturdy. A great head would be the Turbo or Excalibur from STX. Both these classic heads provide strength and power as well as a good price. If the defenseman has aspirations of ever scoring goals he might choose to buy the Edge Plus from Brine which provides extra strength and an offset head. The shaft of a defensemen would ideally be titanium, however, more economically a F15 shaft from Brine provides a light shaft with a great value. It's an alloy that actually has titanium in it.
A midfielder (middie) needs a head that is both strong and light. The Warrior Revolution and Evolution provide solid choices, due to their offset technologies and sturdiness. The Deer Shockwave also provides these features as well as a different look. A midfielder can use almost any shaft depending on whether his game is speed or power. The STX ultra alloy is a good deal and provides lightweight power. The Brine F15 is also a great middies shaft.
Although confusing, choosing the two parts of a lacrosse stick can be fun and entertaining. It's important to understand your game and what equipment fits your needs.