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Anyone can play bocce. It doesn’t take much skill and it’s a great way to experience fun and friendship. As an added bonus, people with a wide range of disabilities can play bocce. It has been called ‘the great equalizer’ of sports because of the way disabled people can compete against those without handicaps.
The object of the game is to attempt to get game balls as close to the target ball as possible. Scoring is determined by the placement of game balls nearest the target once all the balls have been thrown.

Because people of all ages can play bocce, it is the perfect backyard sport for families. While regulation bocce courts are 91’ by 13’, home courts can be whatever size fits into your backyard. Side and back walls are desirable – they permit more strategic play by allowing for shots that are bounced off the walls. Many bocce courts are sunken, with retaining walls constructed out of pressure-treated landscaping timbers. Walls can be built above ground, however, from any material that fits into the home landscape – wood, lattice, brick, or stone.

The area for the court should be as smooth and level as possible. In a hilly yard, terracing will be necessary and may require the services of a landscape contractor. Traditionally, court surfaces are packed gravel, but home courts have used outdoor carpeting, sand, and even grass. Adding outdoor lighting will maximize the amount of use you get from your court. Benches are a useful accessory where teams will play. Attractive landscaping around the court helps it fit into a home landscape.