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If your child wants to play baseball but they are not the greatest hitter, here are some tips & instructions to help your son/daughter swing the bat like a superstar!

The first key to a great swing is your stance. You should stress to the player that the stance should be what is comfortable, and not what looks the best on the team. Here are the first things to always remember when teaching your little player the basics:
1. Keep feet shoulder width apart whether the child has an open or closed stance (Feet should always be shoulder-width apart).
2. Put the bat back with the hands about 6 inches away from the ear and always keep elbow up so that the player can handle the high "Heaters".
3. Stride out with the front foot about 5-6 inches (Keep back foot planted into the ground, it takes power away from the swing).
4. While striding, keep your eye on the ball all the way into the box. Then twist your hips and legs while taking the bat and snapping it directly into the ball (Snap the bat evenly through the box, make sure not to let the child uppercut swing at the ball)

Hopefully, by taking this advice, the child has hit the ball hard and is on his/her way to first base with a hit that could send the child to stardom!