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Baseball players develop into fundamentally sound athletes by honing their skills over years of practice. By practicing certain areas of your game, you can improve your skill level and hopefully blossom into an offensive and defensive star. Offensively, you can repeatedly practice drills which will develop the proper techniques for the correct swing. Try using these drills to improve the quality of your swing.
-Tee: Hitting off of a tee might seem useless and very childish, but if the major leaguers do it so can you. When hitting off of a tee, try to hit ground balls and line drives right up the middle of the field. If you can continuously make solid contact and put the ball down the middle of the field, then you are on your way to improvement. This is a good drill to do by yourself.
-Pepper: Pepper is a game that about three to six people can play and it works on eye hand coordination for a hitter. You will have one batter and then the rest of the players will stand about ten to fifteen feet infront of the batter. Pitch the ball to the batter and then have him try to hit ground balls to the fielders. This is a great game to improve eye hand coordination.
-Soft Toss: This excercise takes two people and is great for warming up before a game or even for getting a little practice hitting. Have one player kneel on one knee while tossing balls to the batter, who should stand about five feet away. The batter should hit towards a fence which should be about five feet in front of the batter. This drill will work on quick hands and making solid contact with the ball.
-Ground Balls: When your infield is taking ground balls or you are just having some kids warm-up in the infield, you should allow batters to hit ground balls to them. This drill will help the batters to swing down on the ball. This will help them brake habits of swinging for the fences and popping balls up on a regular basis.
-Batting Cages: Last but definitely not last is the batting cages. To be a successful batter you must spend plenty of time in the batting cages. When going to the batting cages, begin by bunting the first few pitches in a round so you warm-up the eye hand coordination. The more you can get into the batting cages the quicker you will develop into a great all around hitter.
By following these drills, along with some extra practice of your own, there is no telling what you will be able to do in the batters box.