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Learning to fly airplanes can be a very fun and enjoyable experience for anyone. You do not have to be the son of a pilot or join the air force to learn how to fly. Thousands of people every year become private pilots. It is not a difficult process, as long as you know the proper steps to acquiring your licensce. First, you must locate an airport where you can actually do your flying. Make sure this airport is convenietly located, because you are going to be making quite a few trips back and forth. Next, find a flying school located at the airport. Finding the right school is critical. When looking at schools, check out the people who work there, the appearance of the place and the planes, and the prices for renting the planes and the price for instruction. Look for a school which you feel comfortable in. Next, you will have to buy the equipment that you will need. Different schools sell different equipment, so wait to buy your equipment until you decide on the school. The instructors at the school should be very willing and able to aide in this step. Once you have completed these steps you will be on your way to receiving your private licensce. Other things to think about are:
-If you do not like your flight instructor or you feel that maybe you could learn a little better with a different instructor, do not hesitate to switch flight teachers. You must feel completely comfortable with your teacher to get the most out of every lesson.
-Try to fly a Cessna 152 for your learning, because it is a smaller and cheaper plane. It is still just as reliable as any of the other planes, but you will save a good amount of money by doing it in this plane.
-You will need to complete a written test before you can actually receive your private licensce. The flight school should be able to help you with figuring out where and when you can take this test.
Keep these steps and hints in mind, and your learning experience should be a very positive and exciting time. Hope to see some of you in the air soon.