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During the early 1960's, a great deal of pressure was mounting on the American people. The Cold War, with concerns to Vietnam, had involved America in a war that almost no one wanted, increasing a social strain on American society. And the children of the 60's had been the second generation in a row to break away from their parents' beliefs. People were scared, believing that America was losing what is called, "American Pride". Bob Dylan puts it best when he states in his famous song, "Times are a changing". Everything was changing, along with the sport of basketball.
During this time, a young man, an All-American from the Unversity of Cincinnati, entered the National Basketball Assioction (NBA), preparing to change the game of basketball forever.
As a 22 year old youngster, Oscar Robertson was ready to revolutionlize the game of basketball. He is considered by many, and by myself, as the greatest all-around player of all-time. During his illustrious 14 year career from 1960-1974, which involved both the Cincinnati Royals and Milwaukee Bucks, he averaged 25.7 points, 9.5 assists, and 7.5 rebounds. His teams went to the playoffs 10 out of the 14 seasons that he was in the league, winning an NBA Championship with the Milwaukee Bucks in 1971. He won "Rookie of the Year" in 1960-61, as well as being selected to "All NBA 1st Team". He was selected to "All NBA 1st Team" for the first 9 years he was in the league. He was also a 12 time NBA All-Star. During this time he also created the Triple-Double.
The Triple-Double, which is obtaning at least 10 stats in three different statistical categories, was invented by Oscar Roberston. He was the only player in basketball history to average a triple-double for an entire season. During the season of 1961-62, he averaged 30.8 points, 12.5 rebounds, and 11.5 assists. In fact he averaged a "culmative" triple-double for his first 5 seasons (384 Games), averaging 30.3 points, 10.4 rebounds, and 10.6 assists. As well as being the seventh all-time scorer in NBA history (26,710 points), he also held the record as all-time assist leader for 17 years (9,887 assists), until Magic Johnson surpassed him, then eventually, John Stockton. But he also obtained a numerous amount of rebounds (7,804), making him the only player to obtain both 900 rebounds, and 900 assists in one season (1961-62).
As well as being awarded the Rookie of Year in 1961-62, and making the All NBA 1st Team in his first nine seasons, he also won an MVP in 1964 with Cincinati Royals, the most impressive award a player can acquire.
Robertson could do everything on the court, whether it be making the clutch shot, throwing a solid pass, or grabbing an important rebound. He is, without a doubt, one of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game.