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Movie buffs who watch the hugely successful "Field of Dreams" starring Kevin Costner, probably thought the young ballplayer named "Archie Graham" was just a character in the story.

However, real baseball fans know there really was an Archibald "Moonlight" Graham. His story parallels the events in Field of Dreams, without some of the science fiction.

Graham was a great minor league ballplayer in the early 1900s, playing with Charlotte in the North Carolina League. He had aspirations of becoming a doctor but in late June of 1905, the left-handed hitting outfielder was called up to the New York Giants. On June 29, he entered a game with Brooklyn as a 9th inning defensive replacement. The Giants recorded three quick outs on the Dodgers and Graham headed back to the dugout, never to bat and never again to touch a big league diamond. He retired the next day, leaving baseball behind to pursue a medical degree.

"Doc" Graham set up his practice in Chisholm, MN and served 44 years as the physician for the town's schools. His time in baseball was just a line in the Baseball Encyclopedia. Finally, in 1989, with the real "Doc" having passed away several years earlier, Hollywood put him back in the game.

In the movie, a young Archie Graham returned to the Giants, playing on Ray Kinsella's Iowa "Field of Dreams," getting that long-awaited at-bat and driving in a run with a sacrifice fly. Fitting for a man who spent a year in sacrifice to his fellow man.