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Juggling is a wonderful talent that anyone with three objects is capable of doing. It just requires some practice, persistence, and a little hand eye coordination. There are many drills that one can do to master the art of juggling. There are many different types of objects that can be used to juggle. Juggling can be done by yourself or with a partner. Juggling can be done with as little as two objects and as many as ten. It is never to soon to learn the art off juggling.

The first thing to do to prepare to learn how to juggle is to practice catching a ball with one hand. Find a wall in your house (preferably away from any mirrors or glass) and toss it against the wall and try to catch it over and over. Do this until you feel comfortable with your good hand and then try to do it with you off hand. Once you master this drill you will be ready to juggle.

Another drill that you should do to get better with your hands is to take a tennis ball and bounce it on the ground over and over. Try to hit the same spot on the ground each time. This will prepare you for some of the more advanced tricks.

In order to begin juggling you must first grab three objects. I am going to assume you are using tennis balls. Take two of them and place them in your off hand. Place the other one in your good hand. You then start by tossing one ball in the air about 6 inches above your head and then as that one is falling throw the single ball up. After you throw that one up be sure to catch the other one, which was falling. Then throw the other one up and continue this pattern. This is the basic three-ball juggle. This can be done with bowling pins, handkerchiefs (for the beginner), and other types of balls.

Another trick is using the same pattern as before but throw the balls at the ground. You throw one and then as that once is coming up try to throw the next one down. Keep this going and it makes for a very interesting trick. You can also throw the balls at a wall and keep the pattern going.
If you aren’t comfortable with using three balls you can take two and place them in one of your hands. Then try to juggle the two balls keeping them both in that hand. Toss one up and as it is coming down toss the other one up and try to keep this going.

I hope you learned the basic technique to juggling and make sure you try not to break anything in your house. There are many other tricks that you can make up as you go along and become more and more advanced. Good Luck and make sure to have some fun!