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Born Isiah Lord Thomas III, this comparatively short (6'1" tall) NBA player became a favorite with the fans during his career in basketball. Thomas was drafted for the NBA out of college, Indiana University, where he let his team to the NCAA basketball championship. Prior to this championship, he was selected to pay on the 1980 U.S. Olympic basketball team. Unfortunately for Thomas, the U.S. Boycotted the Olympics that year because they were held in Moscow.

Thomas played for the Detroit Pistons for his entire 13-year career in the NBA. As team captain he led the Pistons to the NBA Finals three consecutive years, helping them to win in 1989 and 1990. He was named most valuable player of the 1990 Finals. During his career he was named to the NBA All-Star team 12 consecutive times and became the Pistons' all-time leader in points, assists, steals, and games played.

1961 He was born Isiah Lord Thomas III in Chicago Illinois. (April 30)

1979 He helped the U.S. team win the gold medal in the Pan-American games.; He entered Indiana University.

1980 He won a place on the United States Olympic basketball team, but the U.S. boycotted the games that year.

1981 He led Indiana University to the NCAA basketball championship.; He was selected by the Detroit Pistons in the 1981 NBA draft.

1987 He earned his degree in criminal justice from Indiana University on Mother's Day to fulfill a promise he made to his mother.

1988 He led the Detroit Pistons to the NBA Finals where they lost to the Los Angeles Lakers.

1989 He led the Detroit Pistons to the NBA Finals where they beat the Lakers to win the championship.

1990 He led the Detroit Pistons to the NBA Finals where they beat Portland to win the championship.

1994 He became an executive with the NBA expansion team, the Toronto Raptors.

1997 He left his position with the Raptors to become a basketball commentator for NBC.