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In the game of tennis there are four main tournaments played once a year: the French Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open. If a player manages to win all four of them in the same year, they win the ultimate Grand Slam Title. Each tournament requires a different type of game due to the surfaces, temperature, and areas the tournaments are played in.

The French Open is the only Grand Slam event to be played on clay. The bounce of the ball on clay is low and slow compared to surfaces like grass and Hard, thus favoring a more technical game. Many top players with power games, such as Pete Sampras, have been stymied at the French Open. The French Open is played at Roland Garros Stadium in Paris, France. It is played each year in the months of May and June. The red clay is favored greatly by the Spaniards year after year because this is what they have been playing on their whole life. The French Open is an exciting tournament to watch because the points are much longer that the points at many other tournaments.

The Australian Open is played in Melbourne Australia in the month of January. The surface that they play on at the Australian is called rebound ace court. This is a soft type of hard court. It is not as fast as the hard court but it is still pretty fast.

Wimbledon is another wonderful grand slam played in the months of June and July. The tournament is played at the All-England Lawn Tennis Club. The surface for this tournament is grass. This is probably the most difficult of all the surfaces to play on. Throughout the tournament the grass starts to die making it even more difficult to play on. The grass is cut extremely short but it still makes for an interesting surface. Pete Sampras has won twelve grand slam titles, six of them coming at Wimbledon. The tradition at Wimbledon is to serve strawberries and cream at the main events.

The final grand slam event is the U.S. open which is played in New York at Flushing Meadows. This tournament has always been the most exciting and is won mostly my the Americans. The surface at the U.S. open is hard court. This is the fast of all the surfaces and it creates very quick short points. Jimmy Connors was know for firing up the New York crowds year after year at the U.S. Open. This tournament is held in the months of August and September.
Each and every grand slam tournament has its specialties and advantages. Different players will favor different tournaments. That is what makes the game of tennis so interesting and a lot of fun to watch.