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Do you have the secret pheromone power that can improve your dating or romance, sexual relationship, and improve the perception people have of you?

Do you know that men and women all produce a natural pheromone, which helps to attract the opposite sex? Have you notice how sexy people smell on the beaches?

What is a pheromone? It is a natural glandular scented sexual attractant the body produces to attract the opposite sex. They may contribute to the dating phrase, "chemical attraction" that couples experience. They can enhance your love life.

Pheromone is detected by an organ which is three inches inside the nose with nerve connections to the brain.

In modern times, natural pheromones are not as dominant because of personal hygiene and the masking of the scent caused by using deodorants. Pheromone would probably become more dominant without personal hygiene.

Why do women enjoy wearing a companion's tee shirt, which has been worn several times? Sometimes women will say that the tee shirt's smell reminds them of their man or they feel closer when they wear his shirt. We believe that the man's pheromone is absorbed into the shirt and behaves like a marker, which reinforces the chemical physical love attraction between a man and woman. Wearing her mate's tee shirt may be subconscious love reinforcement for her companion.

Pheromone can improve one's love life. Pheromone sends out subconscious scent signals to the opposite sex that naturally trigger romantic feelings.

All of us can improve our attractiveness with a few more pheromones. Now they are available in cologne base so that everyday, it can feel like a day on the beach.