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The worlds tallest trees

The world’s tallest trees can be found in California, and are the huge coast redwoods.
The tallest tree is now over 111 meters high. However the top of the tree is dying, at one point it would have reached over 112 meters high.

In the past even taller trees may have existed. In Australia a Eucalyptus tree is believed to have reached over 114 meters in 1779 and a Douglas Fir tree in British Columbia was recorded as being over 127 meters high.

The world’s largest trees also found in California, the giant sequoias. The largest of the forest stands over 85 meters high and is over 24 meters round the trunk near the base.

Bristlecone pines are believed to be the oldest trees and are over 4500 years old and also live in California. Despite their long life, they live in a harsh environment - several thousand meters above the sea and on bare mountain slopes. Because of the lack of water, they grow twisted and seem stunted.