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To replace lost skin, several skin grafting techniques are used.The first one is if the affected body part is near a healthy skin.The better skin is being rolled over to the diseased area.This is called transposition.

Another technique called full-thickness grafting is used by having thick skin being removed and transplanted into the area where it is needed.This is used to correct minor facial deformations.

Persons with extremely burned skin can be helped by using a method known as split-thickness grafting.A device called dermatome could be used to remove a certain proportion of healthy skin and let it unite with the burned site in order for the missing skin itself to grow back. This also leaves just the right amount of cells from the site where skin is removed to grow back too. Other methods use genetically incompatible skin being transplanted into a burned area. This method is not very effective since the patient's skin would sometimes reject the newly attached foreign skin.

Patients under complicated cirumstances like those who lost a nose or an ear can use transplants to correct these problems. In this case, the transplanted skin must be able to be nourished by blood vessels from its original place until the affected area recovers. A flap of skin called a tube is being attached to the affected part and is left there to try to connect with the blood vessels in the site. Once the transplanted area is able to connect to the blood vessels from the affected part,the connecting tube is removed.

There are also other techniques used in grafting. An example is by removing healthy skin from a person's leg to be transplanted into his missing ear. Bones also from the ribs can be used to correct the jawbone defects in a person. This is called bone grafting. Patients suffering from facial paralysis can use nerve grafts to rejuvenate the diseased portion of the face.

These skin grafting methods are important for burns, injuries and ulcers. Once scars start to form in the affected part,skin regrowth cannot happen. Proliferation of the cells surrounding the affected part is needed for the skin to grow. This is where skin grafting methods show a great importance: these grafts make the serum in the injured skin ooze out and try to spread with the cells in the healthier skin. This is the time when skin regeneration occurs.