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A reel lawn mower is one of the simpler lawn tools on the market. It doesn’t require a motor or engine, doesn’t need any fuel, and relies simply on manpower to get the job done. But alas, you need to sharpen the blades to keep it cutting properly and there are some things you need to know about how a reel lawn mower cuts your grass.
A reel law mower rusts easily. In fact, rusting is one of your biggest obstacles. You need to make sure you oil the cutting metals regularly (once every few weeks) in order to keep things moving properly. You also need to be sure to sharpen the blades regularly to keep them in good working condition. To do this, use a file or a sharpening stone. Don’t sharpen the edges of the blades; focus on the insides of the blades. You want to make sure the blades simply touch the end of the file when you’re sharpening them.
You need to keep the cutting height even throughout your cutting area. You can adjust the height of your grass by raising or lowering the rollers, by adjusting the roller shafts on either side of the blades. You’ll also want to check your blades regularly to make sure they’re straight. If you need to make any adjustments, loosen both ends of the rollers and put them at the same height. Then tighten them again and make sure the blades are even.
Reel lawn mowers work simply by you pushing them along. As you push them along the wheels turn gears that in turn move the cutting blades. The blades are curved around each other to form a cylindrical shape that will mow your lawn. As the grass passes below the blades, the sharp edges will cut off the ends of your grass.