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Many times we will search for a meaning or a purpose to our life. Especially when times are troubled. You often here "Get your free psychic reading today. It could change your life. Just call 1-900-Tarot" or some other type of advertisement for the psychic business. These advertisements are directed specifically at people who are going through difficult situations. The reason behind this is because most psychics are here to help people. Maybe it is just to be someone whom you can talk to or someone who can help you make a life decision.
Most people will tell you that psychics are not real, that they are only after your money. As a former "Psychic Friends" employee I can tell you that this is not always the case. After being in this business for six years I can tell you that most psychics or tarot readers are only here to help people have hope for their future. Granted there are those who are only in this business for the money but for the most part we only want to help those who are in need.
I do not claim to have 100% accuracy predicting what will happen in someone's future and most other psychics, if they are good ones, will also tell you that we can only provide you with insights to what could happen with the choices you make in your life. Everyone has something we call "Free Will." The right and the ability to choose. We are here to show you what will happen with each choice or decision you might make. Psychics are better than most to see clearly into someone's life because of their strong intuition, a stronger spiritual connection than most, and because of their strong desire to help others.
If we were truly 100% accurate at predicting the future than the world would definately be a much better place for everyone to live in.
Psychics and Tarot Readers provide a useful service to our community. Sometimes it's only entertainment but at others it is a counseling service, only better because you get someone who truly wishes to help you instead of someone charging you $300 per hour just to put you on Prozac or Zanax. In order to find a good psychic you must have three things. One, an open mind. Two, a strong desire and need to talk to someone. Three, the faith that the right one will be there when needed. Just keep in mind that your future is what "YOU" make of it.