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The praying mantis is a brown and green insect that lives throughout the world. He has very strong front legs used to catch and hold their insect prey. He is a cunning creature that is in vast numbers.

The Praying mantis makes its home in warmer climates, although different species are found throughout the world. The praying mantis does not waste it’s time searching for food, it waits patiently for it’s prey to find him. The praying mantis is also a cannibal; he eats his own kind. It is not rare for a female to eat her mate after mating. They mainly eat ants, flying insects or anything that is within his territory. The praying mantis bites and chews his meals, instead of, like most insects suck or mush their meals.

The male and female come together in summer to mate. The female lay the eggs and the male then injects the eggs to fertilize. The female will attach the eggs to twigs, for safekeeping. The female will stand guard and will actively defend the eggs against predators. The eggs take approximately three weeks to six months, according to habitat, to hatch. The young praying mantis will go through several stages before they become the image of an adult.

The mantis is often prey for birds or bigger insects. They camouflage themselves well, but they do become meal for predators. The praying mantis does have a defense against predators, if seen, they open their tiny wings and show off multi-colored wings, which often scare off predators.

The praying mantis is not an endangered species, but the destruction of their habitats may present future problems with their populations.