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Ever since the first man landed on the moon, the moon has lost much of its mystery but not its attraction. The full moon still holds its allure for many of us here on earth. People from all walks of life engage in a series of activities from basking in the moonlight to moon bathing by the sea. There are many myths associated with the moon, but only a handful hold any merit.

The apple of our nocturnal eye is only one fiftieth of Earth's size. It is lifeless, cold, and has one sixth of Earth's gravity. But the moon is beautiful as it reflects light shining from the sun. The different shapes of the moon come from the different amounts of eclipse on it from the Earth's shadow falling on the moon.

The moon is closer to the Earth ad exerts a gravitational force on its seas of water. When the three planets of sun, Earth and moon are in line, the gravitational pull or lunar pull of the moon is at its strongest. This gives the Earth's beaches high tides. The rise and fall of tides also affects the sea creatures in many ways. Fishermen at surface or deep sea fishing depend on the tides for their livelihood. Moonlight also affects the size of their catch. Fish fight shy of moonlight, preferring instead to lurk in the murky waters in the dark. As consumers, we are affected by the fluctuating prices of sea food depending on its availability. A full moon the night before may mean no fresh fish on the dinner plate for tonight.

Moonlight is every camper's delight. They get turned on by the eerie moonlight and sit around the campfire, talking until the crack of dawn. Lovers too, seem to envelope the full moon. Maybe they are drawn to the moon's pull on their emotions. May be it is because they can see what they are doing.

Small wild game also fight shy of moonlight as the "moonbeams" illuminate their presence to predators. Hunters of nocturnal animals time their hunts according to the shape of the moon for better chances of getting their kill. This is also the treason why whenever there's a full moon to be seen some people will be up and about. Not because of some mysterious force but of the many practical activities to be done out in the moonlight.

There are claims that moonlight is conducive to contraception. However, there's no scientific evidence to back up this claim other than a brightly-lit window keeps people awake on the nuptial bed. If you are tired, sleep with drawn curtains.

The moon holds so much attraction for us in such a wide range of activities that we need no excuse to go loony over the moon.