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We have all heard about hypnosis one time or another. For some it is a science and to others it seems to be mysterious magic. Science has proved that actual changes take place in the brain during hypnosis, so we know it is a state of mind. But what exactly is it and how is it used?

The simplest way to describe hypnosis is to compare it to a trance like state. It is a natural state that many of us may find ourselves in when we are daydreaming. When one is daydreaming they become less aware of their surroundings and are relaxed. The same can be said when one is hypnotized.

The main theories about hypnosis revolve around different states of awareness or consciousness. When one is sleeping or meditating, their conscious state is altered. This is also true for hypnosis. When one is hypnotized, the state of consciousness is changed to a more relaxed and less aware state. Many refer to this altered state as the subconscious.

The state of hypnosis is reached in many different ways. Some use self-hypnosis, where they reach this state alone. However, most use hypnosis with the help of a certified hypnotherapist. A certified hypnotherapist is trained in inducing hypnosis. Breathing exercises, focusing on an object, counting techniques, muscle relaxation, and visual imaginary are the most common ways used by a hypnotherapist to help the subject into the relaxed state.

There are many misconceptions about hypnosis, but the practice has been proven safe. The subject is in control and will not do anything out of their ordinary behavior while hypnotized. Most see being hypnotized as an enjoyable exercise where they wake up feeling calm and rejuvenated.

It is said that when one is hypnotized, they are open to suggestions. This is why hypnosis is popular as an aid in dieting and helping one to stop smoking. When hypnosis is used to help treat a problem, it is usually referred to as hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is used for self-improvement, such as dieting and self-esteem issues. It can also be used to treat conditions that cause pain or emotional distress. Whatever area you need improvement on, it is important to discuss with your hypnotherapist what outcomes should be expected. It is also important to do some research on your own. Hypnosis can be very beneficial, but you should not go into it uneducated.