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Insects are defined as hard-bodied animals with six legs. More than 85 percent of the world’s known animals are insects. Although approximately one million species have already been identified and discovered, there lies another five million waiting to be found.

Insects' bodies are divided in three parts: head, thorax and abdomen. In addition there are three pairs of legs on the thorax and often two pairs of wings. Insects are mostly found in all habitats except the ocean and are quite adaptable when it comes to climates and environments.

The biggest living insects are the goliath beetles of Africa. They can weigh up to 100 grams and measure up to ten centimetres long.

The beetle first appeared on the earth some 300 million years ago. Ever since then they have increased in numbers and have evolved into hundreds of different species. Anywhere you visit you are sure to come across a beetle of some kind.

Beetles live off of dead plants and animal faeces and therefore recycle used material and are quite handy to have around, making use of natural resources.

The goliath beetle is the biggest of all the species (and all the insects). Scientists believe that when the beetles first roamed the earth they were much bigger than they are now. This can be put down to the much warmer climate. During the Jurassic era temperatures were much warmer.
As Global warming continues it is feared that the Goliath beetle will continue to grow and evolve into much larger species, perhaps even returning to their original size.

The goliath beetle is very adaptable, hence being found in all corners of the globe. It is presumed likely that the beetle will continue its life a long time after humans have disappeared from the earth.