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The older and rarer the fossil, the more valuable it is. If you can find a fossil from the ice age, you may be able to sell it for thousands of dollars. But if you are lucky and skillful enough to find a dinosaur fossil, you may bring home upwards of $24,000 if you sell it. If you enjoy collecting fossils, however, it mainly depends on what types of fossils you enjoy collecting. Perhaps you like collecting fossils you can find on your family's property. That would provide sentimental value for you as well as perhaps some monetary value.
Generally speaking, there is little or no money in collecting fossils. Most of the fossils you'll run into have no cash value. It is the rare find that you'll get your hands on something worthwhile. Typically what happens is that you find what appears to be a rare fossil and it appears to have a reasonable value, but then within a few weeks, months, or years, many more of the same type of fossil will be found–either in the same area in which you discovered yours or in a far-off land. These later discoveries greatly diminish the value of the fossil because there are so many of them.
Many people aren't as big on collecting and owning fossils, as they are simply looking for them. There are many laws that prohibit people from claiming ownership of fossils found on public property like national parks and land. While many times this is where the fossils are located, if you find one there, you'll likely have to hand it over to the government, because it was on its property.
If you'd like to get more involved with hunting fossils, there are many groups you can join to meet people with similar interests. You can even join national groups that travel across the country for daily and weekly trips to go looking for fossils. The best places in the United States to look for fossils are in the upper Northwest in states like Montana and Wyoming. But there are even geological places in your state. You should contact your local or state geological assocation to find out the best places in your area.