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The emperor dragonfly is a swift flying insect. It has a long, slender body with two sets of wings. They usually have brightly colored bodies.

The emperor dragonfly calls it’s home in Europe. It makes it home in the many lakes and ponds. The male is always in search of food and a mate. The males territory is about two miles and always includes a body of water. The female is not sighted much, because she only comes around water when it is time for her to breed.

This dragonfly eats almost any insect that flies, it will eat it’s prey while flying due to the male is hardly ever still. The female will take her meal to a nearby leaf or branch, she is not as active as the male.

The dragonfly mates any time of the year, the female comes to water to mate. The male and female come together and the male injects sperm into the female and the female fertilizes the eggs. She then lays the eggs in the water. The eggs will hatch in three to four weeks, the young dragonfly is known as larvae.
The larvae spend their entire life except for two to four weeks underwater developing. During the last two to four weeks of their lives they emerge to mate and lay eggs.

Since they dragonfly can fly extremely fast they are not prey for many birds or other animals. There is no real threat to the dragonfly’s population except for water pollution. Their numbers are stable for the time being.