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In the 16th century Leonardo Di Vinci dreamed up the helicopter, in the 20th century his idea came into existence. During his time he was considered an artist with bogus ideas, now we look back at him in the context of being an intellectual. Recently the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been dreamed up, soon in the future it will be a reality like Di Vinci’s helicopter.

The operational definition of AI is a computer which uses human like reasoning skills to solve logic based problems. Our society has placed a spin upon AI, requiring consciousness, thus possibly creating androids. Such forms of AI could take humanity on a pre-destined path which perhaps previously has been followed elsewhere in the galaxy.

Homo-sapiens have a finite life-span, thus limiting the knowledge they can possess and the influence they can have on their surroundings. AI would be able to store information without limit, and change their world in a collective effort. If humans create AI which possesses consciousness, it could perhaps spell the end of humanity as we know it.

Theoretically, beings such as Homo-sapiens with such a fragile existence are destined to be overcome by AI. All intelligent beings throughout the galaxy are destined to create AI at some point in their existence, if such is true, the form of AI they create will eventually conquer their territory. AI also holds the potential for universal conquest, due to their ability to travel long distances in space without physical impact.

Although creation of AI seems imminent, it perhaps might not be the best choice in view of the implications on humanity. Perhaps however it will lead us to a destiny which has previously been laid out. Who is to decide that our place on earth is the proper one, as opposed to that of AI. As Homo-sapiens took control of the world from the dinosaurs, AI will take control away from us.