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These insects are also known as horntails. They are wasplike insects and may be seen flying around the home buzzing and making cosmetic damage around the home.

They are known as horntails because of their long hornlike tails. The woodwasps body may be 1 to 2 inches long and they are multicolored, blue or black with wings of matching color. Walls, wood floors, doors and other wooden surfaces may have holes that are approximately 1/4 in diameter. These holes may also appear on items covering wooden structures such as carpeting, wallpaper, and linoleum.

Woodwasps lay their eggs in forest trees that are either damaged or weak. It can take up to five years for adult woodwasps to emerge, so often they are found in trees that have been felled for construction purposes. Often even after the wood has been stored. However, most woodwasps holes will appear within the first two years after use of the cut wood. The good news is these insects only lay their aegis in weakened forest trees and will not reinfest buildings or household structures.

What can you do about it? When you see holes, seat or fill them so that woodwasps may not emerge through them, However, there is nothing you can do to prevent woodwasps from emerging, they will simply tunnel to another hole. The only way to avoid woodwasps is to purchase lumber that has been kiln-dried or vacuum fumigated prior to being sold for construction. Both of these processes will kill the woodwasp larvae left embedded in the wood.