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The wolverine is a carnivorous mammal that make his home in the cold climates of North America, Europe, and Asia.

The wolverine is a solitary mammal that marks his territory with a strong scent and urine. The wolverines diet changes during each season. In spring he eats small rodents, in fall its diet mainly consist of berries and nuts. All year long, when found, the wolverine eats carrion. The wolverine has a strong sense of smell that keeps him on track until he finds his meal.

The wolverine also has a defense mechanism, like the skunk, he secretes a rancid odor through his anal gland if he is attacked or frightened. His vice like jaws and razor sharp teeth are also deterrents for predators.

The wolverine’s mating season is from May through July. During this period the male and female come together to mate. It is not always easy for the male to find a mate, due to the size of their territories. The female leaves a scent to let the male know she is ready. The male, with his great sense of smell, follows the trail vigorously. When the male and female come together they have a rather long mating ritual. When the female becomes pregnant she carries her young for nine months; the timing of delivery is necessary. If the young are born to early during winter, they do not have a very good chance of survival, due to lack of food. The female times her delivery to early spring when food is plentiful. She gives birth to usually two young kits. They are born blind and with lightly colored fur. They will drink their mother’s milk for about two months. When the kits are weaned at tow months, they will be ready to go on hunting trips with their mother. The young grow quickly and leave their mother to find their own territory at one year.

The wolverine is an endangered species. Its survival depends on the enforcement of the endangered species laws.