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According to folklore, one day all the animals on the earth met and decided they needed a leader. They chose two pairs; one from the water, one from the air, and two from the earth whose breeding together created two wolf cubs. The two cubs were placed on the earth. When they reached the right age, they walked to the opening of their den. When they opened their eyes for the first time that autumn evening, the first thing they saw was the yellow harvest moon. The colour of the moon absorbed into their eyes, thus creating the yellow eyes of wolf cubs. This colour then absorbed into the eyes of all predatory animals.

The wolf has a highly evolved family structure and an advanced system of communication. It is among the most intelligent of all living creatures. It is also in very real danger of vanishing from the face of the Earth.

Two centuries ago, thousands of wolves roamed freely throughout the world. As time passed, the encroachment of human civilisation eroded the wolf's natural habitat. Myth, greed, fear and ignorance also led to massive, systematic slaughter of wolves.

Wolves are very social animals. They live in form of packs, which is leaded by one wolf called alpha wolf. The alpha wolf is mostly a male wolf, but sometimes as in humans society some organisations/companies are led by women similarly sometimes wolf packs are led by female wolf called alpha female. They love their younger just as we do, they feel pain just as us.

For some people the howl of wolf is a sound of fear, but for me and many like me it is a sound of melody and passion. The synchronisation between the howling of all the wolf pack is gorgeous.

For some people wolf is a sign of evil. You must have seen cartoons showing a wolf to be an evil creature, whereas in real life it is the other way around: this creature is very sweet and calm. It will not harm you unless forced by hunger. It can be a good friend of humans, if one tries to befriend it.