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Have you thanked the mosquitofish today? Whether you've heard of it or not, the mosquitofish is a fish that has contributed greatly to the comfortable living of mankind. This fish actually feeds on mosquitoes and
has greatly reduced mosquito populations in many areas around the world.

What does the mosquitofish look like?
This fish is nothing you'd hope to find on the end of your fishing line. The female mosquitofish reaches a maximum length of 2.5 inches, and the male doesn't grow longer than 1.5 inches. The body of this fish ranges from a dark olive green to a silvery color. If you look closely you can
see rows of dark spots on its dorsal and caudal fins.

What is the behavior of a mosquitofish?
Fortunately, mosquitofish can live in any areas of water where mosquitoes breed. They are comfortable in fresh, brackish, and saltwater environments. These fish manage to satisfy their hearty appetites by feeding mostly on mosquito larvae. Mosquitofish are so acclimatized to
living in various environments that they are known to have existed in ditches, pot holes, rain barrels and even inside septic tanks!

What else should you know about the mosquitofish?
The value of the mosquitofish was first discovered by David Starr Jordan in 1905. In the 1920s this fish was bred and shipped to Italy to help diminish the mosquito population there. Since then, it has thrived in many areas of Europe and Asia where it had never before existed. The fish has
even been credited for reducing the spread of diseases such as malaria and yellow fever.