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The brook silverside is a stunningly beautiful fish that you can find in the southern rivers, ponds and lakes. However, you can spot this fish above water as well. Also known as the “skipjack,” the brook silverside often jumps from the water in an effort to avoid predators.

What does the brook silverside look like?
This fish is very small, generally no larger than three inches long. Its thin and nearly transparent with a silver line that shines on its sides. The fish's gills are marked by a glimmering violet, and its forked tail and long anal fin are a faint emerald. The brook silverside also has extremely large eyes which barely seem to fit on each side of its head.

What is the behavior of a brook silverside?
The brook silverside inhabits small bodies of water all across the United States. It feeds mainly on plankton and insects due to its miniature size. In lakes, this fish usually swims in very large schools that make a great target for many predators. The brook silverside's best defense is in its large numbers, and its propensity to break the water's surface to avoid being eaten.

What else should I know about the brook silverside?
The brook silverside is a unique species of fish but it is related to eight other silversides that are just as beautiful. These fish inhabit freshwaters as well as waters of the Atlantic and Pacific.