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The Tyrannosaurus Rex, was the largest of all carnivorous animals in all recorded time. The Tyrannosaurus Rex lived during the cretaceous period, approximately 140 million years ago.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is thought to roam the earth for 70 million years. All the information about the T. Rex has come from fossils. He is thought to have stood 25 feet. He was approximately 50 feet long from head to toe. He weighed as much as seven tons. His teeth were an astonishing 12 inches long, In today’s ideas, a monster.

The T. Rex was at the top of the food chain. His meals consisted of all the other species of dinosaur. The T. Rex is thought to have been able to run extremely fast. It has been recorded, according to fossils, they could have ran up to 35 miles per hour. The T. Rex, when killing its prey, probably grabbed his prey while running, swinging him viciously from side to side, and then holding him down ripping huge chunks of his meal and swallowing it whole. According to fossils, he could not eat a whole dinosaur, so the remains were probably left for other meat-eating dinosaurs to scavenge on.

There is not much knowledge of the reproduction of the T. Rex. But, alligators are thought to be the present relative of the T. Rex. So, like the alligator, the T. Rex is thought to have laid its eggs in the ground. But, this is not known.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is thought to have ruled in North America and Asia. They lived on earth 70 million years ago.