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Common in their original woodland habitat, the Tufted Titmouse is about 6 1\4 inches long. It is plain gray on the outer feathers with a prominent crest. The forehead of this bird is black and the underside is white with rusty flanks. These birds are found in parks, gardens and frequently at bird feeders. The Tufted Titmouse is sprightly and acrobatic in its movements and will hang in every conceivable position. It is not uncommon to see this bird hanging head downward as it is searching for food.
The largest of the titmouse family is the Great Tit. This is an aggressive and valiant bird that is extremely gregarious. It has a short bill and is considered plump. The head, throat and chin are black with a band of black down the center of its yellow breast. It has a greenish rump with blue grey wings and tail. White bars adorn the wing and tail tips. This bird is a voracious eater and has been known to attack small birds and even bees. It is known to destroy buds, peas and ripe fruits. But in spite of it's bad traits, the Great Tit can kill over seven thousand insects in less than three weeks. With its great appetite, this bird will also welcome berries, nuts and scraps and especially in winter. The calls of this bird are varied with the most prominent being a rasping, metallic note.
The Titmouse family are all adaptable in choosing their nesting sites. Practically any opening will do. Both sexes work to build the nest which is made up of grass, feathers and moss. The females lay six to nine eggs that are white speckled reddish brown. The females are known to quickly defend their nest and some species even hiss at intruders.
Although there are several different members of the titmouse family, the Blue Tit and Crested Tit are two of the more distinguishable. The Blue Tit can be identified by its light blue crown and the white borders on it wings, tail and crown. The nape and cheeks of this bird are white, with a band of blue passing through the eye and joining a dark blue band at the collar. It's upper parts are green and it has yellow underparts. The wings are tipped with white bars. The Crested Tit is one of the smaller members of the titmouse family. The sides of its hear are white with a semi circular black band around the eye region. A black patch extends to the crest and over the throat. The wings and tail are pale brown with the underside white tinged with brown.