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The tiger shark is a veracious, proven man killer. It is the most feared shark throughout the world. The tiger shark is gray with black stripes across its back. His teeth are sharp enough to slice through bone.

The tiger shark can be found in warm water. He cruises between the equator, to New Zealand, Japan and the Northern United Stated all through the year.

The tiger shark is a true scavenger. It will eat anything: they have found in the stomachs of tiger sharks license plates and gas cans. Their favorites are fish, squid and other sharks. This shark has excellent eyesight, but uses its senses to detect prey. Its electro receptors can pick up the faintest nerve and muscle twinges. This shark circles it prey, and may nudge it before the final attack. This shark attacks in frenzy; he is a very violent attacker. Most of his prey does not survive the attack.

The tiger shark mates much the same as mammals do. The male fertilizes the eggs inside the female. The young sharks are developed inside their mother for nine months. She will deliver between ten and eighty young sharks. They are born with a full set of teeth, and begin hunting as soon as they are born.

There have been numerous recorded instances of sharks attacking and killing humans, but the tiger shark is the only one known to eat the remains. He is much feared by humans in tropical waters.

The tiger shark has no real population threat. They may sometimes get caught by a deep-sea fisherman, and are a prized catch.