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There are many different snakes found in Tennessee. They are found in many different areas. Some of these are poisonous and some are not. Some of these snakes even serve a good purpose. Here are a few of the snakes and a brief description of them.

The rattlesnake is one of the most popular and most feared snakes in the area. There is many myths and beliefs about this snake. Some of these are true and some are not. The rattlesnake is found in almost every area of the state. It likes to lie in cool shaded areas. It has rattles on its tail which sound off when it is aggravated. Some say that it gives you a warning with its rattles before it strikes, this is not always true. Although very poisonous, this snake usually tries to get away from you rather than harm you, unless provoked. There is different kinds of rattlesnakes, and vary slightly in color and size.

The copperhead is another one of the states poisonous snakes. It is found almost every where in the state. It is found around water, in the woods and any other place that offers it a cool, shaded place to lay. It is more temperamental than the rattlesnake, it is not frightened away as easily. The copperhead is one of the more aggressive snakes in North America. It gives no warning and blends in really well with the environment. They usually don't bother people, unless they get too close.

The cottonmouth is a very poisonous snake that hangs out mostly around rivers and other water sources. This is one of the snakes I hate worst. It is very aggressive and has been known to actually chase after people. It can strike both in water and out, but spends most of its time in the water or next to the water. It is a dark colored snake with white around its mouth—thus, the name cottonmouth.

There is also many different species of non-poisonous snakes found in Tennessee. They are black racers, king snake, green snake, corn snakes, and many other smaller snakes. Most of us do not like snakes, especially the poisonous ones. They do have valuable qualities though; they eat mice and other rodents. The black snakes also kill the poisonous snakes or keep them away. Even though snakes are feared, more people die each year from bee stings than they do snake bites. My advice is if you see a snake just leave it alone.