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The stinkbug is a bug that is not often bothered. It is able to discreet a foul odor when disturbed. Stinkbugs are individually adapted to their environments. There are over 5,000 different species of the stinkbug.

Stinkbugs can be found all over the world, in every habitat known. They are specially designed for every territory each species inhabits. The United States has over 300 species on its own. Stink bugs range from dull to brilliant colored, from 1/4 of an inch to 2 inches in size.

The diet of a stinkbug varies from species to species. Some suck sap from trees and nectar from flowers. Some eat other insects such as beetles and caterpillars. Others are known to eat other species of stinkbugs. All species of the stinkbug have a rostrum; this is used to stab their meal.

The scent of stinkbugs is used to lure mates as well. Each species mate at different times, but mainly the same way. The male and female will join for several hours back to back. Then the female lays her eggs on leaves, which predators usually do not go to. She then guards the eggs very aggressively. They usually hatch within thirty days; the young will need to molt several times before they become the specimen of an adult stinkbug.

Stinkbugs are all different in their defense techniques also. Some use coloration, others eat poisonous plants that their body consumes, so that when attacked they give out a foul odor or if tasted, taste unpleasant.

The stink bugs' population seems to be in no danger. All their habitats are not under construction, so their numbers are stable.