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What do they look like?
Stingrays are flat creatures that to many observers may not even appear to be alive. They typically look like doormats. They are usually fairly large (typically, they reach about three-feet across their bodies and can be more than six-feet long), and they are usually dark gray in appearance. The heads of stingrays is barely noticeable, protruding only slightly from the remainder of its disk-like body. The eyes are found on top of their heads and they have spines running in a fairly straight line back to their tails. Their tails are generally long and somewhat narrow.

How do they behave?
These animals are named for their spines--they produce venom. The scales have glands and passages underneath the skin that allow them to create venom and spit them out their corresponding spines. If they're attacked by a would-be predator, the stingray points its spines at the creature and fires off a potentially lethal dose of toxins.

What else should you know about stingrays?
Some stingrays prefer to live on the bottom of the deepest parts of the sea; others like more shallow waters. Regardless, all stingrays like to live on the bottom of the ocean floor. They particularly like sandy areas in which they can hang out. To the casual observer, they often can be mistaken for a non-threatening animal.