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There are several species of tree squirrels which invade the home. Common among them are the eastern gray squirrel of the s.carolinensis species, flying squireels of the glaucomys species and the fox squirrel of the sciurius niger species.

Tree squirrels vary in color and size, but are most distinctive for their bushy tails and small paws often seen holding something up to their mouths to eat. You will also hear them chatter, often even when you cannot see them.

Tree squirrels will leave behind nuts, droppings, seed husks, and gnawed holes or nesting materials in their wake. Often you will find these materials in yards, attics, garages, wall voids and other areas where they have set up a nest. Often squirrels are sneaky and you will only know they are there because of their chattering or the droppings they leave which mark their presence in the home. Tree squirrels often enter the home through construction gaps, broken screens and windows, through chimneys, fireplaces and under the eaves and gables of the home. In addition to the droppings left from their feeding and nesting, you may find food hoards stored in locations squirrels favour where they are stocking up for harder times and seasonal change.

To find out the regulations and restrictions regarding squirrels, contact the regional location of you State Department’s Fish and Game office. If allowed by law, you can place traps inside the buildings infested with squirrels and bait them with chunks of nutmeal, peanut butter, sunflower seeds or raisons. All favorites of the squirrel population. Traps can be secured to trees and poles so the animals cannot climb into the home through trees near the home or powerlines. Make sure any broken windows, unsealed gaps in construction and other openings into the home get regular maintenance as a squirrel entry point preventive action. You should also prune off tree limbs so that they are at least 6 feet from the home if you want to keep squirrels off the roof and entering through chimneys.