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The snowy owl makes it home in the tundra of the Arctic. This white owl is the largest of the owl species. Most owls hunt during the night, but the snowy owl is a twilight hunter. His favorite food is a rodent known as the lemming. The arctic is very harsh, when the tundra becomes too much for even the snowy owl; he will migrate south in search of food.

The males and females of other owl species are usually the same in characteristics. The snowy owl has a noticeable difference. The male is white with a few dark markings. The female is white with a pattern of black stripes located on her wings, breast and underside. The female’s talons are also longer than the males. The male and female both have round heads, hooked bills and large eyes.

The snowy owl’s diet consists of the lemming in the arctic. When it is forced to migrate south, it will eat rabbits and other birds. He hunts during the twilight of early morning and evening.

The snowy owl is mainly a solitaire bird. Except during mating season, which occurs from May thru September. The male and females are aggressive during mating season. They will attack other owl if there is a fear of takeover of their chosen mate.

Like other birds of prey, the female will lay one egg and then in a couple of days lay a second. This is to ensure survival of at least one chick if food is scarce.

The eggs are incubated for thirty days. The young owlets have an egg tooth; they will use to crack the egg. The mother will feed the owlets until they are three months old. At this time they will be able to hunt for themselves.

The snowy owl is a protected species. Despite this fact, the snowy owl is still persecuted.