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What do they look like?
Snails are animals, similar to turtles, with hard outer shells. They live inside their shell and have a foot underneath which they use to walk. Snails can peak their head through the front of their shells, if they so choose. Their heads are generally short and stubby. Their eyes sit on top of their heads and they have a tiny, thread-like tongue that they occasionally stick out of their mouths. Their shells are quite hard and can be colorful. The shells of most snails have striped designs, alternating between a light and a dark color.

How do they behave?
You don't want to upset a snail. Certain kinds of these animals, including the cone snails found in the Philippines, can shoot venom. If they need to attack a creature for food, or if they feel threatened in some way, they won't be afraid to attack. They have an eye on the back of their bodies under their tails that help them sense what is behind them. Snails can remain in their shells when they find a fish they'd like to munch on. The snail uses a harpoon-like tooth under its tail to puncture the fish and shoot venom inside it. Once the fish is dead, the snail has enough for a full meal. The can catch fish that are the same size as they are.

What else should you know about snails?
Snails prefer to live in coral reefs deep in the water, but they'll live in water at any depth. Snails like to hide on plant life or on the substrates of their habitat. They don't move very quickly, as they only have one foot and it is carrying quite a load.