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Not many predators seek sea horses as their meal. Sea horses are a bony fish. Sea horses are the chameleon of the oceans. There defense against the predators they have is the ability to change colors and blend in with the ocean’s plants.

Sea horses can be found in the warm waters of the Atlantic Coasts of Europe, Africa, and the Atlantic and pacific coasts of North America.

The Seahorse feeds mainly on plankton that flows through the ocean vegetation that it stays so close to. It will also feed on small fish. The seahorse is able to suck up food as close as an inch away, with his tiny mouth. The seahorse is a social animal when it feeds and breeds.

Breeding season is at no particular time for the seahorse. They breed all year round. Their mating usually coincides with the full moon.

The sea horse is an unusual creature. With the sea horse, the roles are reversed in breeding, it is the male who carries and fertilizes the eggs. The female sea horse, she will lay her eggs on the male’s abdomen. The male has a pouch that the eggs cling to. The male then fertilizes and carries the eggs for up to twenty-eight days. Then he releases the newly developed young into the ocean. By the time they are two months old, they are fully dependent.

There is not much known about the numbers of the seahorse. But many are captured for pet stores and aquariums. Fishermen in the shrimp industry catch thousands. Their numbers seem stable.