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The sauger remains a relatively unknown and less significant game fish than its brother the walleye. It is commonly referred to as a sand pike, ground pike, and spotfin pike. But don't be confused; the sauger is actually a type of perch.

What does a sauger look like?
The sauger also looks very similar to the walleye, however it is smaller and exists in fewer numbers. But if you happen to spot a sauger you will notice the distinguishing rows of dark spots that it has on its dorsal fin. This fish generally has a brassy body color with large dark blotches on its sides. The sauger usually doesn't get any larger than two or three pounds,. But don't let the un-intimidating size of the sauger fool you, it still has a large mouth with prominent canines.

How does the sauger behave?
Though it's relatively small, the sauger is still a popular sport fish. This fish is known to eat insects, a variety of crustaceans, and smaller fishes. Unlike some other perch the sauger can live in more turbulent waters. As a result, this fish feels at home in large lakes and rivers.

What else should you know about the sauger?
The best place to find the sauger is in the Great Lakes, specifically Lake Erie where it is abundant among other perch. Sauger find common lures and bait irresistible so if you happen to catch one, hold onto it for later. This fish has a tasty white flesh that you may enjoy over dinner.