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The Mexican red kneed spider can be found in Southwest Mexico. It makes its home in rocky abandoned burrows on hillsides near streams. The red kneed spider makes its burrows up to one yard long and up to two yards wide. This spider is very territorial and each spider spaces itself about 400 yards apart.

The red kneed spider has eight eyes, but its vision is not good. The spider has hairs on its legs that he uses to feel vibrations. This is how they red kneed spider hunts, his prey consist of beetles, grasshoppers and other small invertebrate. This spider does not hunt; he waits patiently for his meals to come to him. When the spider senses an intruder he reaches out and attacks his prey with his long legs and sinks his poisonous fangs into them killing his prey. The spider takes his meal deep into his burrow and allows his poison time to liquefy his meal. The spider absorbs his meals; he has no way of eating his food.

The Mexican red kneed spider usually stays in his burrow, until mating season, which occurs in the summer. The male seeks out the female, when he finds his mate he deposits his sperm into her. The female will lay approximately 400 eggs. It will take the eggs up to three months to hatch. Many fall prey to other spiders and other insects. The Mexican red kneed spider once it reaches maturity can live up to thirty years. This spider has very few predators because of its poisonous venom. But his main enemies are the raccoons and the skunks, but they are scavengers that dig up the spiders’ burrows and the spider is usually killed during the digging process.

The Mexican red kneed spider has been hunted through the years for exotic pet shops. Although there are many hunted each year the Mexican red kneed spider is in no immediate danger of extinction. Most of it's habitat is uninhibited by humans.