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There are 18 species of the piranha, each species as vicious of a killer as the next. Each species varies in color. The main characteristics are olive green or blue black backs with dark to silvery gray sides and bellies. When seen they seem to sparkle like glitter.

The piranhas are very sociable among themselves, and they live in extremely large packs called shoals. This killer fish averages eight inches but some of the species can grow up to twenty inches in length. The piranha is on the move constantly looking for their next meal. Their teeth are razor sharp and can cut through bone.

The piranha is mainly in South American rivers, such as river in Columbia, Venezuela, Guyana, Paraguay, Brazil and Central Argentina. There was a time when piranhas were kept as pets in aquariums. The owners did not realize they were as dangerous as the piranhas in the wild. When they realized how vicious the piranhas were, many were dumped in local lakes and rivers. It is believed most had died, due to the water temperature. But in the areas that the habitat was normal, authorities are not sure they survived. It is also not known if they can breed outside their natural habitat.

The breeding season for the piranha is from March to August, when several thousand eggs are laid at one time. The eggs hatch within ten to fifteen days. The young will join the shoal, and begin attacking and eating and grow fast to adult size.

At this time, all of the 18 species of piranha are known to be safe from endangerment. There are vast numbers throughout their natural habitat.