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The walleye gets its name from its large, glassy looking eye that appears to make the fish look blind. It is a freshwater fish that is sport for fishermen especially in the Great Lakes.

What does a walleye look like?
Though the walleye is most distinguished by its eyes, it is also much more elongated than an average fish. The walleye is usually brownish-green looking with a white belly. It is commonly found with dark splotches on each side, and a dark blotch on its dorsal fin. This fish is a predatory
fish and has a large mouth and many teeth to prove it.

How do walleye behave?
Walleye prefer the settings of rock, gravel, or sand and are found mainly in lakes and large rivers. They prey upon smaller fish, mostly perch and
sunfish. Fishermen find the walleye to be an aggressive game fish, especially when found in shallow waters.

What else should you know about the walleye?
Walleye are known for their great size among other perch. They are most abundant in the waters of Lake Erie. There, they are often found weighing about ten pounds and sometimes over fifteen. Walleye play an important
role in limiting the over-abundance of smaller fish like the yellow perch and sunfish. In fact, walleye consume more of these fish than all of the anglers do combined.